The artist

Ariel Vargassal was born into a richly mixed cultured Mexican family. These cultural singularities introduced Ariel to an undeniable sense of style. He was always drawn towards the arts and when he wasn’t molding small clay sculptures, he turned to countless drawings in his notebook. Ariel received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Mexico. Studying the works of the great artists who preceded him, his passion ignited and his determination proved unstoppable. Upon graduation, Ariel became one of the youngest teachers to teach art at the high school level in Mexico City.

His first international exhibition was in Salt Lake City, Utah during the Winter Olympic Games. After the success of this exhibition, Ariel received invitations to showcase his work throughout Utah and many other cities in the United States which prompted him to make the decision to relocate to Los Angeles. His journey came with many challenges that included breaking into the Art-world on his own in major cities throughout the country and the limitations of English being his second language. However, with perseverance he started to break down barriers associated with the stereotypes of Latin American Art. He earned the trust of gallery owners for his “voice”, and vision. Vargassal’s work can now be seen in a variety of digital publications, books and television programs. In addition, he has been fortunate to work with young Hollywood celebrities as his models and clients.

He has showed his artwork trough Galleries and Art museums at mayor cities in the United States, as well as Madrid, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Mexico and Japan. He is a member of the Los Angeles Art Association. His artwork has been showcased at the most important Art Fairs is the Country, and Europe.

In 2017 Ariel was named best Artist in Los Ángeles, and was chosen to represent California in ART BASEL week, at SCOPE”Artisan Series” an sponsored venue by Gin Bombay Sapphire, SCOamong more than 8,000 artist, Ariel was named number 2, Positioning Vargassal as one of the best new names in the Art World in NorthAmerica.