When I paint I have not interest in only one message, I considered it restricted, I like to create artwork with various emotional landscapes, I want to reach to as many people as possible.

I’m an essentialist, I’m fascinated with the idea of how much I can leave out of the painting, and still give a story to the observer. I would like to explore more of the concept of essentialism, but opposed of the philosophical concept of essence, I want to dig more into essentialism , as to what is necessary- essential- to elaborate a various emotional landscapes. I love to substract elements in my paintings, taking away the concept of excess, inspired by modern arquitectural elements and precolumbian art, I hope to bring a new Style where I can strip down the noise of backgrounds without leaving behind narrative and the teachings of anatomy, light and composition.

I consider myself a social commentator, I paint what inspired me in the current social and political affairs, as well as my personal experiences in life . Art is a gift to the future, so I feel it is important to represent our present.

ariel vargassal.